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Njena najbolj slavna vloga je vloga Alex Russo iz z Emmyjem nagrajene Disneyjeve televizijske serije Čarovniki s trga Waverly.

»Moja mama [Mandy] je imela veliko del v teatru, jaz pa sem jo opazovala pri vajah.

No outono de 2010, Gomez lançou sua linha de roupas Dream Out Loud, através da K-Mart.

Em 2011, ela lançou seu perfume autointitulado, além de ter uma parceria com a Adidas e ter sido escolhida para substituir Gisele Bundchen como a nova embaixadora da marca de shampoo, Pantene.

"In doing that, it very much turned out to be not so much a sequel of A Cinderella Story, but rather a completely new retelling of a modern day extrapolation of the fable.

Warner Home Video's DVD premiere follows A Cinderella Story, starring Hilary Duff, but is a completely new story with new characters and actors."The idea essentially was to take the Cinderella fable and retell it," said director Damon Santostefano.

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It's not cool for him to try to take credit for her success.

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  1. He lived in a medical facility for 14 days to test an arthritis medication and then signed up to receive injections of a breast cancer drug through an IV over the course of 8 days.