Cbs rejects gay dating sites super bowl

Related: 5 Super Bowl ads with the most buzz But it’s not all about behavioral science; there is a huge economic factor, too. The hotel chain likened it to a bombshell transgendered "Bob Johnson" who goes to her high school reunion and fools everyone with the exquisite plastic surgery she's undergone to complete her transformation, leaving her classmates, and viewers, dumbstruck.

But even the road signs behind them reek of stupid macho jokes: a) NO ENTRY (like that dumb straight joke “my ass is ‘EXIT ONLY’”); b) a stop sign pointing right between the two men (DON’T GO THERE, BOYS); and c) a sign that reads “Caution: This equipment starts and stops automatically” with a brown cowboy cutout beside it.

Sports news channels offer round-the-clock coverage of every pregame interview and workout.

The NFL’s own cable network runs marathons of past Super Bowl highlights.

The heat is on the advertiser to quickly snatch the viewer's attention. Relatively tame, Bud Light's 2007 ad shows a couple going for a skinny dip in an apparently deserted hotel pool.

“The ad needs to grab emotion and knock it out of the park," said Jeffrey Hayzlett, author of “The Mirror Test: Is Your Business Really Breathing." Often that means shooting a missile at the prurient core of the human brain. What the skinny-dipping couple doesn’t realize is that a bunch of exuberant bar patrons are enjoying the action from an underground pub.

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