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According to this answer, it seems like masturbation is not considered sexual misconduct or breaking the third precept.

However, the whole point (in general) of keeping the precept is to make good kamma both in mind and body.

Rather than checking off the minimal fulfilment of a precept off a list, it's up to each individual to make right effort from moment to moment.

Argumentation is a tricky thing; it's easy to skip a step and before you realize it, you've got an argument whose premises don't actually necessitate their conclusion.

Premise: The whole point (in general) of keeping the [third] precept is to make good kamma both in mind and body.

So ideally, shouldn't it also be considered as sexual misconduct and breaking the third precept?

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This never happend to me before - i could allways have an orgasm with ejaculating at the same time as long as i could remember.

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