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As for her date, Billy, "he has a busy schedule, and it takes more than just a beautiful woman to turn his head."OK, so they both sound normal, right?! If nothing else, this reminds everyone that it's ~tough~ out there in the dating world.

This wasn’t any date, this was a date with a guy I knew nothing about. Other times I realize they look like jeans passed down from someone 3 inches shorter than me.

When questioned about his first impression of Alyssa, Billy says, “She was about five minutes late, which annoyed the shit out of me. At the end of the date, he said, "I feel like I took two hours of my time and kind of just burned it."While we can understand feeling like you've wasted time when a date doesn't go the way you planned, Billy is beyond rude in all of his answers about the date, going so far as to criticize the way she ordered her steak.

As soon as she walked into the room, I knew she wasn’t the girl for me. writer Maya Kosoff, who happens to know Alyssa, tweeted the story out.

Or A CRAZY CHICK WHO OVER-THINKS FUCKING EVERYTHING! As someone who is used to editing everything she says about her dating life, it was nerve-wracking to give up that control!

From Alyssa's perspective, their date wasn't too bad.

If you are interested in registering, first make sure you are eligible by checking...In this week's date, Alyssa said "she’s picky and has trouble finding someone with a good sense of humor," reported . And you may think your date went well — at least, well enough — and the other person had a totally different opinion. You'd better read the rest for yourself, and see why people on Twitter are freaking out, and understandably so. She wasn't my type, I was a gentleman, I wasn't attracted, wtf." — Billy Peck (@Billy Peck NYC) June 28, 2017 "I understand, but I literally went on this date for fun, and now I'm getting so much hatred." — Billy Peck (@Billy Peck NYC) June 28, 2017 "Excited to find out if I met my Love Connection? " #loveconnectionpic.twitter.com/XTe Jp XSzt N — Billy Peck (@Billy Peck NYC) June 27, 2017 ?!As for her date, Billy, "he has a busy schedule, and it takes more than just a beautiful woman to turn his head." OK, so they both sound normal, right?! "Hey gals, I hate to ruin your fun, but I was GROSSLY misquoted in @Time Out New York , not happy about it either! " — Billy Peck (@Billy Peck NYC) June 28, 2017 Though we can't confirm it's the real Billy Peck. So guess he's on a (public) quest looking for love...!Permits for construction of the 10-unit building were filed in May of this year.The 3-family building currently occupying the space... There are lots of events taking place outdoors this weekend including Part 2 of the Soul Summit Music Festival, Coney Island's 1st Annual Music Festival, Bed-Stuy's 5th Annual Brooklyn Beer &...

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