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Surely given that the registry is the tricky bit, some of the myriad of programs that perniciously queue up to "repair your registry" could be modified for this task?Elna Tymes and Charles Prael provide instructions for doing what Microsoft chose not to support: doing a software upgrade from Windows 7 from Windows XP without performing a clean installation of Windows 7.In the same way that Windows runs software only designed for Windows, applications must be made for Linux in order to run on Ubuntu.Most Linux software is available for free over the Internet.If you are still using Microsoft Windows XP but thinking of moving to Windows 7, you're probably feeling a bit apprehensive about the project.What if I told you that you could convert your entire Windows XP installation (data files and applications) into a virtual machine that you could then run inside Windows 7?If you are a PC hobbyist migrating to Vista as much for the sport of it as anything else, then you should certainly follow the upgrade path.If you are moving to Vista because you like the new features, but aren't necessarily up for a project, then keep reading.

If you plan to migrate a few Windows XP systems into Windows 7, you'll want to use Zinstall XP7.Hello, How do I move installed programs from C:\Program Files (x86) on an almost full C:\ partition to another partition such as D:\Vista Programs, and maintain their full configuration, associations and functionality?There is some software (Real Player, Libre Office, Open Office) which did not seem to offer optional install paths. I have a feeling that I could probably - (after backing up the registry) -1)Move the application folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\XYZ to D:\Vista Programs\XYZ.2)Use Regedit to save all relevant Keys to files.The following pages feature a small selection of popular applications available for free in Ubuntu: When you are looking to switch to Ubuntu, one option that may make the transition a little easier is to set up a dual-boot.In a dual-boot system, a menu will appear during the boot process that lets you choose which OS to run.

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By Jamie Bsales From its sleek Aero interface to the host of new built-in conveniences, Windows Vista certainly has a lot going for it.

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